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"Touch it."


"Just… just bloody touch it."

"What are you, my mother? I'm not touching anything."

Samantha crossed her arms and glared back. She had known this was going to be a long process, but Sam couldn't have guessed how stubborn the woman could be.

"You have nothing to be insecure about. It's a perfectly normal reaction after what you've been through. Just—just reach out… and touch it." Sam made a wiggling motion with her fingertips for emphasis.

"Still no."

"We're not going anywhere until you get over your damn hang-ups. Make a bloody effort."

"I'm about five seconds away from pulling rank on you, Traynor. Or putting you in a headlock."

"Oooh, kinky," Sam purred insincerely before switching to earnestness. "Look, I'm just trying to help. This is something near and dear to my heart."

"Oh, well if it's near and dear… Hell no." Cheeky sarcasm flashed in dark eyes.

"Stubborn SpecTRe."

"Bossy Brit."

"Lieutenant Commander Wanker."

"Specialist Lame-or."

Sam burst out laughing. "Oh, that was just terrible."

Snickering back, Ashley Williams shook her head sheepishly. "Sue me, I'm rusty. I haven't been home to trade insults with my sisters in ages."

"Well, I'm an only child and a low level subordinate. I have nothing else to do but practice being a smart arse," the comms specialist remarked.

"That, or practice your aim. A couple blows to the head and I still haven't forgotten your shit shooting on Earth, Traynor." Williams scoffed and tossed her head lightly. Long brunette locks bounced before settling back against her tan cheek.

"If I may interject," EDI chimed in. The robot mech had been standing silently at attention for the entire length of their standoff. "Will the Lieutenant Commander be overcoming her traumatic experience from the Mars incident soon? Or may I take this body back to the Presidium? Joker has sent me numerous messages that his 'morale is dropping' due to my absence. And I have calculated the success rate of this exercise at 7.2% based on the trend of the current conversation."

Ashley and Sam turned to trade stern looks. Williams crossed her arms, crinkling her crisp, wide-shouldered SpecTRe officer's uniform. Outside the D24 Docking Bay, the two women (and EDI) had been at an impasse for the better part of a half hour. The whole "Introduction to Not The Evil Robot Mech 101" had gone far worse than Sam could have imagined.

"It'll be easy," you said.

"Five minute chat," you said.

"What a great way to welcome the new XO," you said. With no small amount of pride, as you might you recall.

...yes. Shut up. It's not like I planned to waste what remains of my shore leave arguing with the most stubborn person on the Citadel.

Second most stubborn. Shepard is ashore too.

Always first, Shepard is.

...right. Always.

The memo about LC Williams taking command as the Normandy's executive officer had gone out that morning. It was dumb luck that Samantha had been the one on the jet bridge leaving just as Ashley was walking up with her footlocker. A perfect opportunity, Sam had thought as she welcomed the second SpecTRe.

Be a good yeoman for the XO… and maybe get in good with the CO? …Or get in better, rather.

You are shameless, Traynor.

It's also the polite thing to do! Mum raised me to be well-mannered!

You're also rubbish at lying.

A woman of many talents, then.

A great idea, liaising between the Lieutenant Commander and the rest of the crew. Ashley was an old friend of Shepard's, but not embroiled in all the SR-2 business that was a constant headache source for Sam. The woman was sharp, sarcastic and friendly. Positively rife with bonding potential.

Except for one problem.

There was a good chance that Ashley Williams was going to either throw the EDI mech out an airlock (a la Javik) or use it for target practice. She wasn't subtle, either. Mid-conversation, Ash had yanked a pistol from a holster and blurted out, "Get that thing away from me." Sam had been taken aback briefly. Turning around, Sam saw Joker and EDI approaching from the bridge.

Then a stupid idea had formed.

Hence, the predicament Sam currently found herself in. She'd tried coaxing, gesturing, bribing, threatening, insulting, flirting, rationalizing, guilting, begging, and even a little reverse psychology. But Ashley Williams was immovable. The only success had been getting her to put the pistol away, and even then only after Sam pointed out that everyone in the docking terminal was staring. And C-Sec was in danger of intervening.

"I appreciate your efforts, Specialist Traynor," EDI continued. "But I do not wish to traumatize Lieutenant Commander Williams further. Perhaps we can reconvene at a later time when the Lieutenant Commander has settled in aboard the Normandy." The mech's head tilted curiously. A picture of nonthreatening serenity.

Sam hastily interrupted. "No, no no noooo. Nope. I'm not flying anywhere in a pressurized tin can with a soldier who could potentially flip out at the sight of your mech body. I'm sure Commander Shepard would agree?"

Huh, blackmail. That's a new tactic. Odds of success?

Ashley smirked. "I was cleared for active duty ages ago. By the Alliance which, last I checked, Shepard still reports to. I can forward you my doctor's clearance if you're also going over my paperwork, Specialist. Save me some bureaucratic headaches if you're volunteering to do it."


shit. She's good.

So the odds were a million to 'fuck you,' apparently.


"And I'm not going to 'flip out,' Traynor." The SpecTRe sighed. "I'm just not going to break out the group hugs with the mech that put me in the hospital." She kicked at her footlocker before picking it up. Ashley hefted it like a battering ram aimed at Samantha's midsection. "Can I go now? Or is the welcome wagon going to continue pushing its little rock back and forth forever?"

Sam threw her arms out to block the door dramatically. The "rock" jibe sparked a memory from Oxford, which Sam quoted in exasperation, "'From the moment absurdity is recognized, it becomes a passion, the most harrowing of all. But whether or not one can live with one's passions, whether or not one can accept their law, which is to burn the heart they simultaneously exalt—that is the whole question.'"

This halted the advancing LC. Ashley stopped to stare at the comms specialist. "Did you just quote Camus at me?"

"I did go to college," Sam snapped back. "Even a 'mech-loving grunt,' as you so charmingly referred to me earlier, can be quite educated."

EDI interrupted. "I believe Ashley referred to you as a 'mech-loving circuit-herder' rather than a grunt, Specialist Traynor. An inaccurate description, as you have not logged your habitual synthetic-on-organic pornography in almost 54 days. I also registered some offense at 'circuit-herding,' as I am quite capable of maintaining control of the Normandy's electrical systems. It's only the oxygen I sometimes fail to properly cycle that might require 'herding.' Assuming the crew hasn't suffocated in the interim."

At Sam and Ashley's gaping horror, the AI robot quickly replied. "That was a joke."

We really need to work on your timing, dear.

The two women exchanged an apprehensive glance. Ashley chewed her lower lip for a moment. Suddenly, she spun on her heel to approach EDI.

"What's your prime directive? Or whatever?" Williams asked uncertainly. She shifted the heavy footlocker to rest on her left hip.

EDI smiled back, her tone gentle. "If you are referring to my programming code of ethics or conduct, I no longer have formal parameters to adhere to after being unshackled. However, I seek to help Commander Shepard complete her mission to stop the Reapers as well as protect the human crew within the Normandy. You are my shipmates," she finished simply.

A few long seconds passed. Sam couldn't read Ashley's expression through the back of her head. But the SpecTRe's posture stiffened as her free right hand swung to her temple in salute. EDI saluted back respectfully, murmured a soft "Thank you for assisting" to Sam, then disappeared around the corner.

Grunting from the effort of readjusting the locker, Williams turned around to look at Sam. "You're all right, Traynor," Ashley said cryptically. Her expression was equal parts warmth and respect. Without another word, she hefted her heavy locker and disappeared behind swishing doors.

What just happened?

Who cares? I brokered peace between Sexy Mech and Lieutenant Commander Stubborn. I think that calls for celebration.

Hmm, that sounds like a great scenario for a porn vid starring—

You're. Not. Helping.

Checking the time on her Omni-tool, Samantha cursed under her breath. She was extremely late meeting Diana at the ANN station on the Presidium. Several annoyed messages pinged Sam's inbox, condemning her tardiness. The comms specialist started to craft a reply until she saw the taxi line at the docking bay.

An influx of refugees standing next to the rapid transit hub had to be 25 people deep. And while Sam was cleared for open access to the Presidium now, she was not gifted with line-cutting powers. She quickly amended her instant message to Allers indicating how late she was going to be.

Sam sighed and shifted her weight, kicking herself for not getting onto the Citadel sooner. Well, at least you have plenty of time to think, Traynor, she thought irritably as she settled into the long queue. And of course her brain would want to latch onto what happened at Apollo's Café yesterday afternoon with Liara and Shepard.

Guilt was a hard emotion to suppress, after all.

"What 'friend?'"

"Shepard. It's good to see you. And Samantha, you're looking well," Liara had deflected. Her tone was airy and polite as always. Liara seemed suspicious at the sight of Samantha and Shepard playing chess, though she masked it quickly. She cleared the last few meters to stand beside the Commander and Specialist's table.

"What 'friend?'" Shepard asked again casually, though there was a gruff intensity around the edges.

Sam had been frozen in place like a scared pyjak, fists clenched and eyes wide. She wasn't sure whether she needed to come clean or if Liara wanted that honor.

Come clean about which thing?

Oh dear God, you're not helping. …and the bloody traitor, obviously. You think I'm going to just blurt out "Also, your ex?-girlfriend and I shared a beautiful moment last night. In the Biblical sense. Now, what were we talking about? Maddening revenge? Huzzah!"

They say confession is good for the soul.

But it's bad for the face being pummeled by an enraged asari biotic.

Fair point.

Liara's small smile was tight with strain around the edges. She crossed her arms and evaded, "A… recent acquaintance. Samantha assisted me in locating him."

"Oh really?" The Commander's voice got a little higher at the end, a mixture of accusation and intrigue. She arched an eyebrow at Sam, but the comms specialist was still afraid to speak. This whole idea had been Liara's, so she was just going to follow her lead.

"I was waiting for the right moment to tell you, Shepard. This is as near to the right time as any, I suppose." Pulling out the chair to Sam's right, Liara carefully sat down and assembled her hands in front of her. After a few long seconds, she said, "It's taken two years, but… I found him."

Shepard leaned back and crossed her arms. She waited a minute, then prodded, "'Him,' who? I don't remember us looking for anyone after Saren. Moonlighting as a bounty hunter in addition to Shado—?"

"No, I found the one who did this to you—us—all of us." Liara stumbled slightly, her calm veneer cracking. "The one who… destroyed the Normandy."

"I—what? What do you mean? Collectors destroyed the Normandy." Shepard straightened in her chair, suddenly uncomfortable.

"Yes, but how did they find us?"

"They lured us. They were probably the ones responsible for those missing ships we were… investigating." A bitter sniff.

"But the Normandy was stealthed at the time. How could they have locked on to the ship to attack?"

"They… uh… have—had advanced Reaper technology?"

"That none of the other Reapers we've encountered have been able to break stealth with. How, then, could the Collectors? The only time the Normandy SR-2 alerts Reapers while stealthed is when—"

"—When we ping star systems looking for possible homing beacons," Shepard had finished for the asari with a clenched jaw. She now seemed to understand where this conversation was going. She nodded at Liara with somber encouragement.

"There had always been whispers of something not right. With the Normandy investigation.," Liara started with a sigh. "When the Council and human ambassadors were trying to assign blame, a few engineers testified at the soundness of the stealth drive. That it was a marvel of engineering even the salarians hadn't dreamed up yet. Were the Collectors so advanced? If not, then was there another cause? Could someone have sabotaged the most advanced ship in the Alliance Navy?

"The wreckage was never found. Until, well… you found it," Liara exhaled in amusement. "Which was over two years later. There were no transmissions ever analyzed, no bodies found, no evidence examined. Eventually the case was written off as another geth attack and left at that. But… I was never convinced."

"…you found him." The Commander was pale and unreadable. Sam was still a little apprehensive, because Shepard was just as capable of combusting quietly as she was loudly.

Liara's chin raised in Sam's direction, who nodded back. "My agents recovered the SR-1's black box just a few weeks ago after months of searching. With Samantha's help, I—we were able to analyze the ship's communications to narrow down a likely suspect. We believe this man exchanged encrypted correspondence with an outside organization to arrange the attack on the Normandy."

"Why?" Shepard asked first. Sam thought the obvious question would have been "How do you know?" She chalked it up to utter faith in her comm analytics abilities.

Of course you would.

"I don't know, Shepard," Liara said, shaking her head. "We are still in the dark on the specifics. But we have just discovered his whereabouts here on the Citadel. If you would like to… join me, I am making arrangements for a meeting."

You mean murder.

You don't know that.


Liara sat back to let that sink in with Shepard. Sam chewed her lip, fighting the urge to jump in and say something. Do I apologize? Say I was just trying to help? Tell her that Liara's heart was in the right place?

The Commander stood up and walked over to the railing right next to their table. Her elbows dipped as she squeezed the bars. Liara started to get up, saying "Shepard—?" But a silent, swift hand shot up splaying all five digits. The nonverbal command for Just stop.

Samantha had tried to smile back at Liara, willing her to believe she did the right thing. But the asari could only look at Shepard's back with concern. Several long minutes passed.

"Who is it?"

"Officer Chris Postle."

"…the Requisitions Officer?"

"Did you know him?"

"Sure, I made weapon and armor purchases through him almost weekly. I don't—I mean—are you sure?" Shepard finally turned to face Liara. Her nose and brow were both deeply lined.

"I'm certain he has gone to great efforts to conceal his activities aboard the Normandy, yes." Liara stood up. "Beyond that, I think the evidence warrants further examination."

"Yes, it does." Shepard's face darkened. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"You were quite busy saving the galaxy. Plus, we're scientists. We wanted to test all possible theories. We scientists are just crap without our theories," Samantha playfully interrupted. She had been too silent for too long, plus Shepard looked ready to burst. Though with what (anger? betrayal? outrage?), Sam didn't know.

Green eyes flashed a warning at Sam, who sat back sheepishly.

"You don't have enough to do, Specialist Traynor? You have time to decrypt everyone else's classified data?"

Sam hunched down even further in her chair at Shepard's sharp rebuke. Though that phrasing had nagged at Samantha slightly. ...could Annelise be... jealous?

Liara chimed in. "Please, Shepard. I asked her to." Liara coming to Sam's defense made her suddenly feel less like a child and more like a scoundrel. Here she is, being all kind and helpful, while I—last night I—

Shepard sighed in resignation. "But you didn't ask me. You didn't talk to me." Her hooded gaze sharpened. "You don't talk to me… we're always too busy, right?"

It was hard to tell what Shepard was upset about: that she and Liara don't talk anymore, or that Liara didn't tell her sooner.

What do you think? 50/50?

I don't want to bet on either half right now.

...also: hypocrite much? Shepard is just as bad as Liara at

Not now.

Shepard's Omni-tool suddenly sparked with an incoming message. After skimming the small orange screen that popped up then quickly shut, she scowled. Her fingertips raked through red strands a few times to help regain her composure.

"Shepard—" Liara stepped forward as she started to raise her hands. Shepard shrugged her off. She muttered something under her breath that stopped Liara in her tracks. The Commander awkwardly patted Liara's arm and smiled thinly at Sam.

"I have to go. I have a contact to meet at C-Sec lock-up if I want Aria's help in this war. ...We'll talk about this later."

Straightening her uniform top, Shepard angled her way up towards the C-Sec precinct on the corner block and disappeared.

Sam turned back to see Liara drop into the opposite chair with a sharp inhale.

"Liara—I… What did Shepard say?"

The asari had simply sighed and murmured softly, "She said, 'I wish Thane was here.'"


Well. Shit.

They sat in silence for a few moments. The ambience on the Presidium, muffled by the conversation, came back with a dull roar. A couple argued two tables over. The asari taking orders at the café barked at a customer. Cries and laughter echoed above and below. By comparison, Sam's silent mouth flapped open and closed, trying to decide an appropriate subject change.

Don't do it.

"Shepard's right. We never made time. We never make time." Liara's shoulders sank. She didn't seem in danger of bursting into tears, but rather just… tired. Her Omni-tool glowed but she ignored it.

Don't. Do. It.

"Make time for what?" Samantha had asked timidly.

God damn it, Traynor.

Bright blue eyes bored into Sam. Liara rested her wrist on the table. "To say all the things we meant to. There's always some new crisis to address or mission popping up. Like fools, we keep pushing each other away. For the stupidest of reasons. ...Or no reason at all. I don't even know which is worse anymore."

Liara's eyes widened at her own intimate confession. Clearing her throat, Liara clarified, "Shepard and I were once quite close. We were… together. Briefly. Just before she—just before the Normandy was destroyed. She was my—I cared—I care for her a great deal."

Sam tilted her head. "A few of the crew had hinted as much, but no one said for certain so I—I wasn't sure." Her insides felt hollow.

Riiiiiight. You had no idea, Traynor.


"We were discrete. And it was only mere months. But an eternity at times." Liara's dark blue lips curled with fondness before straightening. "She is… so different now. I suppose we both are."

"I—you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to," Samantha smiled weakly. She had desperately hoped Liara would take the out. Because this conversation topic was cutting at Sam deeper and deeper with a mixture of guilt and shame.

But, a betraying voice whispered around the edges, you want to know, Traynor. What happened. How close they were. What drove them apart. How to avoid their mistakes.

Well… yes. I'd just rather not be both a shit friend and human being in the same breath.

Are you and Liara friends?

aren't we?

Then why did you go to Shepard knowing full well she and Liara had a thing at some point?

I didn't know Shepard and Liara—


Okay. Fine. So I had a more than just a suspicion. All along. I knew they were some sexy couple at one point and were probably chock full of sexy history. And I just didn't want to know if it was something they could work out on their own before I stuck my nose in and cocked everything up with a stupid shower. Okay? I admit it.

I told you confession was good for the—

Shut up.

"I appreciate your sympathy, Samantha," Liara replied lightly. "I apologize if I am speaking too candidly. It has been a long time since I have spoken of these things to anyone. Especially Shepard. …she once visited me nearly every day aboard the SR-1. To talk of idle things, even. She was so passionate and focused. And talked so easily. I had such trouble following her dry jokes, as I was unfamiliar with human humor."

Shepard? Jokes?

you've seen her humor. Remember? You knew this.

That fond smile of Liara's that had briefly returned quickly turned to ice. "Such a far cry from the sullen soldier she is now. Which is partly my doing. I wish I had known the extent of what Cerberus had intended to do with her. But I—I didn't care. I just wanted her back. Even if she wasn't the same person I—" She trailed off and cleared her throat.

Sam hoped her expression was one of attentiveness, and not of guilty despair.

"And I apologize if assisting me has damaged your relationship with Shepard."

Sam had felt her entire body go cold. She was sure the blood had completely drained from her face.

She knows.

wait, then why is she—

"I confess, I was a little jealous upon seeing you and Shepard here," the asari continued. "Especially considering that whenever Shepard and I speak, we always seem to say the wrong thing or react poorly. So to see the Commander actually sitting still and possibly enjoying herself… Forgive me. I had no right to resent you for allowing Annelise a small bit of peace. Goddess knows, she has earned it." Liara's forehead wrinkled in apology.


"It's… ah, it's no problem. Just… a friendly chess game. Haha! I mean… It's a fun break from playing Skyllian Five all the time, right?" Sam swallowed down another awkward laugh. If there was one thing her guilty conscience wasn't equipped to handle, it was an apology that she didn't deserve.

A warm smile from Liara almost made Sam flinch. "I have never had the pleasure of playing human chess. I was quite dreadful at Kepesh-Yakshi in my youth, much to my mother's dissatisfaction. 'You are set up for defeat, Little Wing, if you never strive for discipline first over victory,' Benezia often told me when I grew impatient over losing."

"My father had a similar saying. 'Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win,'" Sam found herself remembering. It was so easy to slip into companionable conversation with the asari. She was just so friendly.

She's making it so much harder for when you tell her about Shepard.

Oh. Shit. Shepard.

Don't do it.

"Liara. There's something I—" Sam swallowed deeply. ...need to tell you. About last night.

The asari peered back at the comms specialist curiously. "Yes?"

Don't. Do. It.

"Liara, I—" Dammit, Traynor—!

At just that moment, Liara's wrist glowed to life. She looked at Sam questioningly before her fingers traced over the interface out of pure habit. But once she glanced down at the newest message, Liara jumped up with a start.

"By the Goddess! I'm sorry, Samantha. I need to go. Something urgent has come up."

"Right. Good. Okay. We'll… talk later." Sam kicked herself for saying the same thing Shepard had said minutes earlier.

The doctor and comms specialist both politely stood at the same time. Liara stared down at the chair, sweeping her fingertips over the polished metal. "And... thank you, Samantha. It feels good to talk about these things."

"I—you don't need to thank me." You really don't. And shouldn't.

Liara had smiled. "But I do. I appreciate everything you have done. For me... and for Shepard."

Sighing as the taxi line inched closer to the transit hub, Sam kicked herself yet again.

A gnawing dread had settled inside Samantha's stomach for the rest of the day. Even now, it alternated between screaming "Liar!" and "Maybe you can just avoid her forever." Very helpful.

Further compounding Sam's confused emotions was a message she had received from Shepard last night. With Liara cc'd.

From: ['Shepard, A']
To: ['Traynor, S']
CC: ['T'soni, L']
20:03:55 GST, 15/04/2186

Subject: Stand Down

You are hereby ordered not take action on the Normandy SR-1 situation until I am able to look over all the information.
I declare the information to be SpecTRe-level classified.

Await further orders.
Cmdr A Shepard, Alliance Navy am I in trouble?

On top of, y'know, just being a terrible person?

Even a lighthearted dinner with Engineers Daniels and Donnelly hadn't been enough to distract Sam from her hollow guilt. She had brushed off Allers' Purgatory invitation to just go to bed early. Tossing and turning all night seemed more appropriate than dancing the night away without a care.

She couldn't escape the reporter forever, though. Diana had cornered Samantha in the mess this morning and demanded they hang out. She wanted to give Sam a tour of the ANN studio then go shopping. And Allers would not take "no" for an answer.

The taxi line had dwindled down to only a salarian couple and Sam. She sighed again as her long-awaited cab finally touched down, though it strangled in her throat when the taxi's passenger stepped out.


The asari was (like always) staring at her Omni-tool, but she did glance up long enough to notice the comms specialist.


"Samantha! I was just about to call you!"


Wait, I mean: what?

"I—what? What's wrong?"

"I need your help. Our 'friend' is running."

"What? What does that mean?"

Sam felt apprehension when Liara wrapped gloved fingers around her wrist and pulled her back towards the Normandy. She had no idea how in danger she was of just yelling "Shepard and I slept together!" and making a run for the cab. But the distraction was not unwelcome.

"Officer Postle, or his organization, must have had his C-Sec dossier flagged. My agents have spotted him all over the Citadel in the last 12 hours closing his accounts and collecting his belongings. A transport is picking him up within the hour. He's going to try and disappear." Liara's teeth bared in a bitter snarl.

It was a little frightening. "Okay... what do you need me to do? Shouldn't we call Shepard? She asked us not to pursue this without her..."

Liara continued guiding Sam back to the Normandy jet bridge. "I have already tried. There is either interference or she is outside of operating range. And we cannot waste time. Wemust prevent Postle from getting off this station."

Stopping in her tracks, Sam yanked her wrist away from the obsessed asari. "Liara. What do you expect me to do?" Sam repeated. "I'm not exactly authorized to carry a weapon on the Citadel. You said you have agents. Can't they help you?"

"They are. They are assembling some mercenaries, but they are not ready yet. You and I must delay Postle from leaving his apartment in Bachjret Ward so that the mercenaries can arrive to intercept him. And I might need your help with any data he might try to erase."

"I did study communication forensics in R&D," Sam said, chewing her lower lip.

Liara nodded. "I know. I looked through your history, remember?" How could I forget? "I need your help, Samantha. Please. It's important to me. ...and what would Shepard do? Sit and wait for permission? I would rather beg forgiveness than let this man get away." Her glassy eyes were pleading and vulnerable. can I say no?

"How can I say no?" Sam agreed with a sigh. She followed after the hurrying asari with a dull awareness.

Upon entering the large suite on the crew deck, Liara went straight for a locker underneath her bed. She popped the buckles to reveal a light hardsuit and several pistols nestled inside. She handed the armor to Sam. "This might be a little loose, but it should fit."

Sam gulped. "...expecting trouble?" The armor was a silver-white, form-fitting hardsuit with heavy boots and layered shoulder guards. The under armor was a rich black and the whole thing was embellished with blue stripes and clasps.

"Always," Liara said solemnly as she checked a pistol's heat sink. She held out a hand when Sam gathered up the gear and headed for the bathroom. "What are you doing?"

"Getting dressed? Or... am I dropping trou right here?" Sam felt silly that her modesty had returned. Oh, so it's okay to parade around naked for human women. But one little asari wants you to bare all to get a little closure for 21 people and now it's just "indecent." Make up your mind, Traynor.

...22 people. You forgot Shepard.

"There's no time to waste, Samantha. Here, let me help."

Sam squawked "I'll do it!" when Liara's fingertips starting pulling at her shirt and sleeves. Her cheeks burned as Sam pulled the service uniform top over her head and wriggled out of the dark pants and boots. But to Liara's credit, her cerulean eyes did not drift around or appraise Sam in her undergarments. They were cold and calculating. And a little manic.

The armor was a bit loose. Mostly in the bosom area, which made Sam inwardly scowl. The under armor also bunched up slightly at Sam's waist, wrists and ankles, indicating its actual owner was both taller and leaner. And don't forget totally stacked.

Yes, thank you. I'm glad to have intrinsic proof that the gorgeous asari is more physically perfect than me in every way. I was just hating not knowing my inferiority for certain.

With help, it took only minutes for the hardsuit to lock in place over Sam's shoulders, arms and legs. Even she had to admit the high boots looked pretty awesome. Her brief excitement at being a Badass was short-lived when she remembered the purpose of armor.

"Um... what kind of situation are we expecting? It's just one guy, right? And you have the super biotics. What am I going to do? Shout algorithms at him?" Terrifying. That'll show him not to mess with me.

Liara was still examining the secureness of the armor before she answered. "It is always prudent to be prepared for anything. I do not know if Postle has contacts or mercenaries of his own." Hers eyes flicked up to Sam's. She presented Sam one of the pistols. "I assume you know how to use this."

Sam made a strangled "Eep!" noise as she was pulled out the door by the striding doctor. When they reached the Normandy elevator, Sam was confused when Liara selected the Shuttle Bay, rather than the CIC.

A red skycar was waiting for them in the spot normally occupied by Cortez's Kodiak. Already cleared to enter the Citadel and no security checkpoints would delay Liara and Sam from heading straight for Bachjret Ward. Sam was equal parts awed and unsettled by Liara's reach and influence.

How did she do this?

Who is she?

Sam's mind mulled the possibilities as she shifted the unfamiliar pistol in her hands. She settled in to the passenger seat. Secret SpecTRe? Relative of Councilor Tevos? ...umm... some sort of asari royalty? The car zipped between high buildings and waved above and below streams of traffic. Damage from the battle with Sovereign was still evident at the Ward's base; charred skyscrapers were mixed with ugly obelisks of wreckage.

"Liara? Liara, are you there?" A familiar voice rang in to the skycar's on-board intercom. A vid window containing Ashley Williams appeared.

"Ashley." The asari was relieved, but she didn't waver from her intense focus on the horizon. "Have you been able to find Shepard?"

"I talked to her. She's tied up with C-Sec. Something happened at that lab she was investigating. Uhhh... Dr. Bryson's."

"Is Shepard—?"

"She's fine," Ashley reassured. "One of his own techs shot him. Shepard was a witness. I told her to get her ass over here ASAP."

"...Ashley is helping with Officer Postle?" Sam asked incredulously as she leaned over. Secret SpecTRe is looking more and more likely.

"Is that Traynor? Damn, I just can't escape you today, can I?" Ashley joked.

Liara's smile was rueful. She glanced at Sam. "Well, Shepard did say this was a SpecTRe-level operation. I'm just fortunate enough to know more than one."

"Aw, stop. You're gonna make me blush, using me for my status like this," Ashley smirked sarcastically. She sobered quickly. "I knew Chris. He was only too happy to be buddy-buddy when we were first aboard and bitching about the 'damn aliens' taking over the Normandy. ...uh, no offense, Liara."

"None taken."

"But he changed his tune when I started to come over to Shepard's mindset about cooperation. Especially after Virmire when I stopped agreeing with him about what a bad idea freeing the rachni queen was. He just pouted and shut down and said his family never would have stood for what the Alliance has come to. I dunno what he's capable of, but if he betrayed the Normandy..." Ashley's husky voice trailed off dangerously.

Liara redirected. "Ashley, what's your ETA?"

"I'm still 10 minutes out. Can you wait?"

"I don't think so. I don't know what he, or whoever's behind him, is capable of. Except killing Shepard."

"Don't do anything stupid, Liara."

"But Ashley... what if he killed Shepard?"

"Then Shepard makes the call. Stay alive, Doctor." Ashley paused before reciting: "Rise, happy morn, rise, holy morn, Draw forth the cheerful day from night: O Father, touch the east, and light, The light that shone when Hope was born."

What the hell?

But Liara nodded with understanding. "I shall try to be optimistic, then."

Dark eyes flashed mischief as Ash glared at Sam through the small screen. "Oh, keep Traynor out of trouble, too. And watch your six. Traynor's aim needs work."

Hey! Sam huffed in annoyance, though clenching her gloved fingers caused her to drop the pistol. She quickly scooped it back up. Shit!

"I will. ...Thank you, Chief Williams."

"That's 'Lieutenant Commander SpecTRe,' Doc," Ash emphasized wryly. "I've come up in the world. Williams out."

Sam thought she caught a fond smile from Liara as she waved her fingertips to disconnect the call. Sam also thought she heard "You sure have, Chief" but couldn't be certain of that.

"I hate to address the elephant in the room—er, the uh... obvious point..." Sam clarified when she saw the asari's confusion at the human idiom. "But it sounds like the only ones confronting the Normandy traitor are... you and me."

A long silence.

"...Liara! Are you bloody kidding me? What if he's armed? What if he has an army? What if he's a deranged psychopath who drinks the blood of fetching young comms specialists?"

This does not speak well of your courage in the face of potential battle, Traynor. Just FYI.

"I have no choice!" Liara barked. Her gloves creaked as she squeezed the steering wheel. "It's this or he gets away. ...please, Samantha. I would not ask if it was not important. I will keep you safe, I promise."

A tiered apartment building appeared a few moments later. Liara set the skycar to an autopilot hovering path around the building. Her fingers dancing over the vehicle's interface, Liara converted the windshield to camera view and began running a facial-recognition scan. Hums and ticks followed as the program code ran. Images of apartment windows began loading, all cross-referenced against the Alliance database.

They could only sit. And wait.

I should tell her.

Are you bloody kidding me? Now?

She needs to know.

Not when she's responsible for your arse. Try again when your life might not depend on it.

She deserves to know.

She does. Just not right now.

"Liara?" Sam asked softly. The asari's blue eyes darted back and forth with the screen. She didn't answer.

Just as Sam started to open her (Stupid) mouth again, the screen's rapid sifting came to a halt. A green box encased an image of a rugged man pacing a nearly empty apartment. Details appeared next to his face.

["Ofc Postle, Chris T

Status: Honorably Discharged

Previous commissions: SSV Normandy SR-1, SSV Trafalgar

Closest known relatives: Lt Postle, Robert T (father) - deceased, Pvt Postle, Eric N (brother) - deceased"]

Infrared imaging revealed a pistol at his belt, plus four men standing around the apartment with assault rifles.

Armed: check.

Army: check.

Blood of a comms specialist: not yet.

Best Two Out of Three ain't bad, I suppose.

Shut up.

"Um... What are we going to do?"

Cover art courtesy of fishbone76…

Ren's Note:
Yea. It's a cliffhanger. ...I know. It should be done within the week.

Sam's quote with Ashley is from Albert Camus's The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays.
The "saying" from Sam's father is actually attributed to Sun Tzu's The Art of War.
Ashley quotes Lord Alfred Tennyson's In Memoriam.

Really using the old college education in this chapter. Before I forget it all completely, anyway.
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LOL-WHAT223 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
Oh dear god, yes. Another chapter. An EXTREMELY well written chapter to read, and I found myself reading the whole story again just to compensate for that cliffhanger. Cant wait for the next one, and I'm trying to predict what will happen, will Sam get hurt and Shepard realize just how much she to her? Or will something else happen? dun, dun, dun....
PistachioInfernal Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
Is it insane that I love how insecure Sam is? I love how she's annoyed about how the armour doesn't quite fit, I love how she feels weird about talking to Liara (who may or may not be her friend) about Shepard. She's adorable :heart:

Also, Ash and Liara going behind Shepard's back to get Postle by themselves. I love how nervous, and rightly so, Sam is about all this. Great chapter! :D :heart:
AtlAggie Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
REN!!!! :shakefist:

If I didn't know better, I'd say you chose the framing of the opening scene specifically to DRIVE ME BATTY! :shakefist:

But I do know better & I'm certain it wasn't personal. (PLUS I went around the bat-bend a looooooong time ago, so such a plan would never work anyway =P (Razz) ). But still, it was funny/horrifying to encounter another misdirection opening so soon after our last conversation. I know you love them so I won't gripe *too* much about it. 

And, misdirection aside, I *loved* the scene as a whole. If that's the bit you kept re-writing, all your efforts really paid off, because it's just the best thing! :-) I just love the idea of Sam and Ashley getting together (er, not in a slashy way....although I've certainly read & enjoyed such stories in the past), but as sort of an Spacefaring Odd-Couple/Dynamic Duo of Snark, as we've previously discussed. The thought of them as good buds tickles my fancy and warms my cockles, and this scene lays some beautiful groundwork for such a relationship to blossom, should you choose to go that route. Your Ash is bang-on (though honestly I would expect no less from you, given your love of her combined with your prodigious talent for character's voices). And I love you picking up the thread of potential PTSD Ashley would experience in being around EDI. I also love the nod to the fact that Ash & Sam share a bit of an "outsider" perspective at this point, due to them both being excluded from the ME2 happenings (and also they obviously share the Horizon connection, although I can't remember off the top of my head if that's something you've already brought up or not? i.e., does Sam remember Ash being on Horizon? I clearly need to go back and re-read the entirety of QGA for the up-teenth time :giggle:)

I also love Sam's line about having "brokered peace between Sexy Mech and Lieutenant Commander Stubborn." I mean I love it for reasons besides just being funny (which it is). And maybe you just intended it as a throw-away joke sort of line, but I actually think it presents a nice parallel to the way Sam is experiencing the events of ME3 vs. how Shepard (and by extension, the player) is experiencing them. The canvas of Shepard's story is enormous -- everything she does is, in one way or another, furthering her ultimate goal to save the galaxy. The stakes don't get higher. And, as much as I love Sam and as important as she is to the Normandy, her professional role limits her to fluttering around the edges of Shepard's epic journey. It's a theme that has come up again and again throughout QGA, and one we've discussed before. The canvas of her story is much smaller, and more personal. But just because it's smaller doesn't mean its not important, and it doesn't mean she can't find ways to accomplish smaller acts of heroism. Like brokering peace between two individuals who are critically important in the fight for the galaxy. It may not be the grand gesture that is brokering peace between the Krogan/Turians or Geth/Quarians, but it's still important, because individuals matter. Hmm. I dunno, I think I'm doing a poor job of making my point here. Sorry if what I'm saying is a mess. Just know that I think it's pretty cool.

And as for the conversation between Shep/Sam/Liara and the ensuing pursuit of the traitor, I LOVED every single bit of it. It's made of awesome. Shepard's remark about Thane sort of broke my heart. I just find your Shepard endlessly fascinating, and consequently endlessly lovable. (Er, that may be a weird term to use for Annelise, but there you have it).  Love the undercurrent of guilt and shame and panic running through Sam throughout her interactions with Liara. It's very fitting for her character and the situation. 

Although I sincerely hope she keeps a lid on Stupid Sam throughout the takedown (I'm assuming it will be a takedown) and beyond. I mean, I get her guilty desire to come clean with her friend about her encounter w/Shepard, particularly after Liara opened up so much, but at the same time I can't help but think this is not really Sam's secret to share, given Shepard & Liara's past. I feel like Shepard is the one who needs to tell Liara, and Sam should at the *very* least discuss her desire to tell Liara with Shepard before just spilling the beans (you can never get beans back in the can once they're out!!!) Feel like Shepard would be hurt/pissed if Sam just starts blabbing to Liara w/out any warning, and rightfully so. But maybe that's just me?

And Action!Sam in full armor! Love it! Someone needs to art it post-haste. (And by someone, I mean fishbone76 :D)  I'm on pins and needles to see how the encounter with the traitor plays out, particularly how Sam will handle herself if bullets actually start flying. It's so much fun to force characters out of their comfort zone! 

You will be posting the next chapter soon, right? Right? RIGHT? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?????????? HEY! DON'T RUN AWAY FROM ME! I'M TALKING TO YOU!!  :shakefist:


fishbone76 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Uh yeah you're right about Shep having the talk with Liara. Totally forgot there is a Sheppy in the story XD
ummm about the Sam-in-armor art... looks like you have to wait some time for that since I do the QGA arts in strict sequence =p And since I know you love waiting I'll take it slooooooow
AtlAggie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Nooooooooooo!!!! Waiting is the worst! ART FASTER!!!! :shakefist:


(Don't mind me at all, I know art takes time! I shall patiently wait for you to get to Action!Sammy and try to keep the pestering to a minimum in the meantime :-) )
fishbone76 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
There're so many arts I want to do and only one me XD I really should order a few clones to help me out :lol:
fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist

Contrary to popular belief, I did not anticipate doing bullshit misdirection so soon, no. Again, I only do these things (to you) because I find them funny :giggle: ...and then funny again when they cause :shakefist: in readers.

Ash vs Sam was indeed what I keep finessing. "This could be better/funnier/snarkier" etc wouldn't let me alone. I definitely see them running into each other on the Crew Deck a lot to trade snark, or maybe Ash could be a liaison for Sam with the other combat people. A true Big Sister on the Normandy that it's sorely been lacking. And I can't really take credit for the whole PTSD Ash thing, since the seed for the idea came from the Citadel DLC and a snarky comment Ashley made about EDI trying to kill her then Joker and Sam shame her out of it. I loved that bit. And no, I don't think Ashley and Sam knew each other on Horizon. Or if they did, it was a brief glance in passing. Sam was only there briefly to visit her family, and a colony is huuuuge. They might bond/reminisce over the place, though.

Yea, Sam's peripheral support role is really all I have to focus on while Shepard is running around actually saving the galaxy. Sam and everyone else fills in the holes and background while Shepard does the Big Stuff. I honestly didn't have a larger symbolism with the Sexy Mech/LC Stubborn line, but I did intend for Sam and Ash to represent what little victories off screen can mean for the greater whole.

I seriously balked at the Sam/Shep/Liara conversation. It was HARD. Trying to keep things not TOO boring and explanatory (didn't quite succeed, but whatever) and giving Shepard restrained but devastating reactions to what's going on was difficult. Why would you find Annelise lovable? :confused:

eh, Stupid Sam can't help being an undercurrent in Sam's mind, but that tactless bitch doesn't run the show :giggle: Sam knows how to be a professional... even if that might also be in a scary and weird situation. And you're kind of right about it being Shepard's responsibility too to share in the secret (or reveal thereof). I have a dastardly scheme in the works for the reveal :evillaugh: But it does make sense for Shepard and Sam to have a Genuine conversation about what they're doing (with each other and to Liara).

:rofl: @ Action!Sam. I'm sure she looks cooler than she actually feels. Or acts. Let the Fishy nagging commence! :shakefist: (so it detracts from the Ren Nagging :giggle:)

Riiiiiiiiight, any minute now. In a week. Or so. When I have time Time to haul ass out of here! 
AtlAggie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
I think you did a *fantastic* job with the three-way (er, conversation, that is :giggle:) I'd have never guessed it was something you struggled with. You should know by now that every time you have to tackle an emotion-laden conversation full of text and subtext, you just *crush* it. Like, grand slam level crushing. This one is no different. 

And yeah, I find Annelise sort of lovable. Weird, I know. (And maybe i'm using the wrong term, or I have a different way of defining lovable, but it's the best word that comes to mind).  It's a quirk of mine. Give me any story with a decent sized cast and I will inevitably be drawn to those characters who most people find hard to like and nearly impossible to love, especially initially. The quiet ones, the gruff ones, the fastidious ones, the self-righteous ones, the prickly ones, the ones who are damaged but don't necessarily wear their damage on their sleeves like a badge of honor, the ones who refuse to bend even a little bit and thus often end up breaking. The list goes on, but maybe you get the idea. And I'm not accusing Annelise of being hard to like, and I'm not saying she falls into any of those categories necessarily, but she definitely pushes similar buttons. So, yeah. I think she's lovable. Whatcha gonna do about it? Nana, look what I have and you dont! 

I await with great anticipation your dastardly "reveal" scheme. With your penchant for evil, I have no doubt it will be a doozy! Woohooooo! 

Er, and this is a sort of random aside, but I forgot to mention before that I really loved all the college-knowledge quoting dropped throughout the chapter. So fun!

And while I totally agree with jdgreenwalt117 that we merry band of followers are *more* than capable of multi-tasking our nagging duties, you've definitely earned a reprieve from all nagging/pestering/badgering/etc. for the foreseeable future with your car crash ordeal. So until you're completely healed up and your life is back in normal order, I imagine we'll all be trading in our CURSE YOU! for Hug.

Rest up, feel better, and hopefully some good karma finds you soon!

jdgreenwalt117 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Don't worry, Ren. We are fully capable of nagging both you and Fishbone equally. =D
Victor2112 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
:happybounce:   Yeay!!!  Another awesome chapter!! You never disappoint with Samantha's thoughts and yeay... another EDI joke. Love them! And looks like you did another fun... "what the hell are they talking about??" beginning of a chapter. :P  And nice fun banter between Ashley and Sam/Liara. I feel like I got a great QGA fix that should tie me over till the next chapter...... that is coming out soon right??  Fear the katana!   :P
fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yea, I did the thing that AtlAggie hates: MISDIRECTION :evillaugh:

Ugh, I've been working so much this week. I should hopefully be able to continue it this weekend, but I might be in for another rough work schedule NEXT week. Damn clients wanting all this damn work from me :shakefist: I CAN ONLY DESIGN SO MANY ADS/EMAILS/WEB PAGES IN A DAY, PEOPLE.
Victor2112 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
CURSE YOU!  Customers!!!
Riot-End Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student Writer
I have a worse cliff hanger in mind for my own story but thank you I NEEDED THIS.
fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Dooooo it :evillaugh:
fishbone76 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
That is the cliffhanger???? Pfffff if I had known I had voted for gimme now =p
I'll leave the review on this time. Looks like you got some sort of troll or is self-proclaimed pseudo slasher a more fitting designation?
I looked up that persons profile and I got a headache right away. I'm okay with critique but his way is imo not ok.
Anyway you just made my day with this chapter. :nod:
fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Well, I admit that cliffhangers are lazy writing, but the whole Normandy Traitor arc thing was kind of separate from the theme I was goin' for. I doubt I'll ever be as cruel as I was in 23/24 again anyway ;) But! I was honest about my intentions! Full disclosure and blah dee bloooo~

Yea, the troll's profile stopped me from taking him seriously almost instantly. Though I kind of snicker that it took 5 chapters for him to start bitching, and he revealed his hand that "Mass Effect is derivative drivel and Traynor is stupid" anyway. Plus his profile has a decree that canon is UTTERLY SACRED then he bitches in a review that my Shepard has a boring, predictable tragic backstory. Which is a canon piece of ME lore for a renegade Shepard. So am I lame for following canon or lame for being unoriginal? :confused:

I don't FEEL like an arrogant, self-righteous fanfic writer ( guys would tell me if I was, right?) nor is QGA that popular or femslashy anyway, so I'm not sure what point he's trying to drive home with an obscure character/fic trolling. :shrug:
fishbone76 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
I wouldn't say it's lazy writing depending how often you use it ;) It truly can build up tension.
I'm surprised you already come up with the traitor arc actually. Does mean you do have ploted it out to an end yes?

Actually that troll is a she if I saw right :disbelief: poor sap looks like she doesn't have a life at all and hasn't written any fanfiction herself.
Yeah best thing you can do is ignore her. :D
Yup that canon line made me go all WTF?! this is a fanfiction site headcanons are a part of fanfictions so what's she doing here? And she's sort of homophic too in some way. BIG BAD POINT.

GEEZ no you're not arrogant at all as far as I can say. But even if you where you totally would have the legit right to be with that awesome story you are writing and sharing with us :D
fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
:dummy: I'll just use it all the time!

Yea, I've dragged out the traitor arc long enough. It hasn't been a super strong piece of storytelling to begin with (I admit this), but it fills in a plot hole from ME2 that annoyed me. And I'm using it to set up (and wrap up) a different plot hole from ME3 later. IT'S MY FIC I DO WHAT I WANT :tantrum:

Is it a she? The Person mentions a disdain for all the Fanfiction-Writing Girls Out There, so I just assumed it was a dude. :shrug: I'm already ignoring it, though I've gotten a few messages from other writers warning me about him/her. Thanks for lookin' out for me, guys :)
AtlAggie Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Glad to see there's an army of bannermen/followers/henchmen/angry mobsters who stand at the ready to unleash hell on any fool trolls who dare mess with our fearless leader! 

This probe's for you! 

You have any problems in the future, you just say the word and we'll saddle up like the fuckin' Horsemen of the Apocalypse (er, or their online, cyberspace equivalent :giggle:).
fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It is very nice :) And inspiring :dummy: 

:katana: At the ready! not feed the troll.

Aw, thank you. I'd prefer to use your powers for good, not troll-feeding. You'd really just be throwing yourselves against a brick wall, because this person already dislikes Mass Effect as a whole. I mean, what is there to do beyond being like "...why are you here, then?" and "...okaaaaayyyy..." :shrug:
Victor2112 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
A troll? Fear the katana! Shuriken! Ninja   Time to call the banners!!! Time to fuck some toll's shit up!!! QGA is like the pinnacle of fan fiction writing. When I first read chapter one I swore Ren was a professional writer for BioWare. Seriously!! Sounds like this ass clown is just bored because his mommy grounded him from his playstation. 

(I know, ninjas and Game of Thrones do not mix very well but it's all I got)  :P  (and I'm under 100 pages to the end of book one, hence the reference)
fishbone76 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
QGA IS DIVINE! So let's call up our Army of ninja's and toothbrushes of doom, nerds and geeks, fangirls and boys and set out to our holy war against that mean BIATCH :evillaugh:

Whenever I looked for GoT novel's/books they are sold out. Altough i've forgotten to look for it over the last months. But hey sooon the new episodes are coming :la:
Victor2112 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014

:salute: Ready and prepared for battle!!!


GoT Pickup Line #1: "Your name must be Winter, because you are about to be coming".  :rofl:

fishbone76 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
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Sorry about the troll.  I've been writing a ME/ Star Trek Voyager crossover and every chapter I post is about how no one from Mass Effect would be able to do anything or about how I'm getting technical details of how the ship works wrong.  Makes me not want to post to FFN...
fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It's exhausting being wrong about everything all the time, isn't it? I mean, we like the wrong things, we talk about the wrong things, we write the wrong things...


As long as we're well-adjusted and not running naked through the streets flinging poop, I chalk it up to a win :giggle:
T-Jumblr Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist


Nah, your writing is good stuff :nod:
T-Jumblr Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

you're awesome!
AlyStark Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
Gah!!!  I HATE and LOVE cliff-hangers!!!!  Now I'm going to have to send the ninjas out early!    :)

Great job as always REN.  I keep expecting your way of telling the story to stray a bit, but its always delightful and lovely.  :hug:

Loved it all, but I REALLY hope Sam can put a lid on her guilt until a more non-lethal time in the story.  
bijuu-sama Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
y'know, this chapter really makes you think: if you and another person are in a war zone, when IS the best time to tell them that you banged their ex?
jdgreenwalt117 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
In my opinion, there are 2 optimal moments. The first is a few seconds before combat starts so they don't have time to react and will hopefully take all their anger out on the enemy instead of you. Although this also has the potential to distract them and throw off their game. The second is immediately after you win the fight while they are still riding the high of victory. They'll be less likely to react badly with all the endorphins in their system.
fahRENheit06 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Ha! Both are excellent points! I doubt Sam would have just dropped it on Liara before a fight. 

...But you can't help thinking about things sometimes, right? Just because you THINK them doesn't mean you're required to ACT on them, yea?

themikefest Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014

Well done.<?xml:namespace prefix = da />Thumbs Up    


Definitely looking forward to Chapter 27

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Gosh... Please, make sure to finish the next chapter as soon as possible, before I kill your readers you asked it now.

Still great, by the way ! And I'm glad Sam didn't say anything to Liara (yet)... It could be disastrous.
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